December 29, 2010

Only two days more has left
Again we will be cheated
By the new calendars and new numbers
One year older
One more time treated like fools
This will be the new life
No matter I am optimistic
Or pesimistic
Right now at least I have this authurity
To write whatever I want
No matter what
Just keep writting
Bringing out what ever is in my throat
Maybe a yelling or a purple shouting
This is it, my December
December, December
This was your melody for me
For the end of year
How dizzy and mixed up
I wanna close my eyes
Wish me an sleep forever
Out of this f***** life
December gone
December gone

Can't concentrate on my works... where am I ? I don't know?....
What the hell is going on...???!!!

Freaking , monotonous life...

PS: I was going to write something else instead of freaking but I prefered to be a little bit polite

December 28, 2010

دلم نمی آید
بگویم نه ..
به تو
به چشمهایت
به خنده هایت
به دروغ هایت
به همه نبودن هایت
به گریه هایت
به دستانت
به دستان دروغی ات
باز هم دلم نمی آید
بگویم نه ...
نگاهی می کنم
به همه نداشتن هایت
یک دروغ محض بود
باز هم نه ، نمی توانم بگویم نه ..
سکوت می کنم
از بی چارگی نیست
از تنها چاره ام می باشد

I can't say
To you
To you eyes
To your laughings
To your lyings
To all your absence
To your cryings
To your hands
To your lier hands
Again I can't say
I just take a look
At all your empty place
It was a plumper
Still no, I can't say NO...
I keep silence
It's not from my desperation
Might be it's the only correct way

Last night I saw a science fiction dream...
NASA kidnapped me hhahahaaaa because of my blood group lolzzzzz
Hey guys I should change the name of kidnappers hahhahahaaa

I still got feelings you are my passion
you are the one for me
I still got feelings you are my passion
you are the one for me

can you, can you hear me say
when I’m moving closer
you keep going away
’cause you’re my guilty pleasure
and you caught me so tight
I wanna love you always
let’s smile into the night

don’t let go
don’t run away love
I still got feelings you are my passion
don’t let go
don’t run away love
you are the one for me

can you, can you see the flame
that burns inside my body
everytime you are here
’cause you’re the one I dream of
everyday and night
don’t give away my feelings
and come into my life

don’t let go
don’t run away love
I still got feelings you are my passion
don’t let go
don’t run away love
you are the one for me

don’t let go
don’t run away love
I still got feelings you are my passion
don’t let go
don’t run away love
you are the one for me

Akcent-My Passion Lyrics

December 23, 2010

میان من و تو
یک اشتراک مانده است
آن هم صدای تنهایی است
نام تو را که فریاد می زند
چشمهایم را می بندم
گم می شود
نوبت به نام من که می رسد
گوشهایم را می گیرم
و برای همیشه نمی شنوم

Between me and you
There only common thing that remained
Is the solitute's voice
When it's shouting your name
I just close my eyes
And hide myslef
When it's my name's turn
I just keep my ears
And I don't want to hear forever.

December 22, 2010

Don't let goooooooooooo.....

December 20, 2010

تو را
پاییز را
این شب را
خدا را
در این پیمانه
یک جا
بی سرو صدا
کاش می شد سر کشید

This night,
All, in this kilderkin
All together
In silence
I wish I could drink all in one shot

شب من کجاست ...؟؟!
یلدای من کجاست ...؟؟!

Where is my night ...??! Where is my Yalada*...??!

* = Yalada is the longest night of the year which is 1 minute longer than the other nights and persian people celebrate that night . Tonight is Yalda its the last night of the autumn.

December 18, 2010

سالهاست تو را می نویسم
هنوز هم ندانستم
تو را چگونه باید نوشت
گاهی می خواهم ننویسمت
باز نمی شود
اگر هم بنویسمت
باز هم نمی شود
بگو چگونه باید تو را نوشت

It's a long time that I have been writting you
Still I don't know
How should I write you
Sometimes I decide not to write you anymore
But I can't
If I write you
Again I can't
You tell me how should I write you

December 15, 2010

Confabulating, me, us ...

Always fear from someone who doesn't have anything to lose...

December 11, 2010

Today I found one of the old albums that I 've used to listen 4 - 5 years ago,.. nice feeling ! It's not in my hand I am a france lover, today was the day of Mireille Mathieu . I love the way that she pronounce GH (R) from her bottom of her throat..

دیگر ذوقی نیست
نه برای نوشتن
نه برای تو
نه برای دستهایت
نه برای خنده هایت
ولی هنوز دلم می لرزد ..

There is no more motivation Neither for writing Nor for you Neither fr your hands Nor for your laughings But still sometimes I feel some twittering in my heart

December 10, 2010



December 8, 2010

دیگه خیلی وقته
همه چی اینجوری شده
فرقی نمی کنه
وقتی دیگه انگیزه نیست
بذار روزا هر جوری که می خواد بگذره
به جهنم که هر جوری که می خواد بگذره
بگذار پیر شدن بی ثمر خودمون رو ببینیم
گذشت همه چی گذشت
یک بار هم به عقب باز نمی گردیم
گم می شویم
در خاطره در حسرت
همه را باید آتش زد
اینجا ایستاده ایم
مثل کور عصا به دست پیش می رویم
هیچ نمی بینیم
و ترس از ندیدن
ترس از تنهایی
یا شاید هم در تنهایی مردن

It's a long time
That it became like this
No difference at all
When there is no motivation
Let's whatever is going on, let it go
Let's where ever this hell is going , let it go
Let's see our fruitless life
It has gone
We can't go back to the past
We will become lost
We should fire all
Are standing here
Like a blind that took his bat in his hand
We don't see anything
And fear of being blind
Or maybe dying in solitude

December 5, 2010

تا رفیوجی نباشی نمی فهمی !
جنگ روانی یک رفیوجی را تا نباشی نمی فهمی

You won't undrestand what a refugee mean, till the time that you experience it
You won't undrastand what a kind of mentally fight he has, if you don't experience.

یک یکشنبه سرد
من اینجا
کیلومترها دورتر
شاید تو باشی
درشبی آرام و گرم
شاید هم بیداری
خدا می داند

A cold Sunday
I am here
In a far distance
You maybe there
In a calm and warm night
Or you maybe awake
God knows